Beth Levine



1999 - present, Immersed 100% in Fine Arts at Sherman, CT studio.

I received a B.F.A. from Syracuse University and Graduate MS degree in Counseling from Hofstra University.

Spent 15 years working in NYV as a Graphic Designer/Computer Graphics Artist. Held staff and freelance jobs. Among the companies I worked for included, ABC Television, TV productions companies, North American Phillips, and Solomon Brothers.

In addition to business experience, I used the creative arts counseling mental patients within institution settings and outpatient clinics. Dearest to my heart is my counseling work with foreign-born and in later years special needs inner-city children, mildly to moderately retarded, emotionally disturbed and autistic children.



Abstraction is a zone of discovery. I suggest experiencing art the same way you would a symphony… a heart beating… a bid singing. Just be and allow yourself to rest and see and feel. All is well. No judgments, no right or wrong answers.

My creative process is unfolding. I never sketch or plan. I unfold, open doors, feel the freedom of living outside the box. It’s a dance that rains through me. It’s a current that I trust will carry me where I need to go. It’s an awakening beyond happiness… I open, walk in… greeting my reflection at my own door.

I enter my studio and begin without conscious thought. My hands grasp, let go… throwing away all rules, saying yes to instinct. When I allow my mind to empty, truth emerges. It’s a 2D & 3D world of color, shapes, layers upon layers… added, subtracted… using whatever medium and material speak to me.

Then a time comes to stop, stand back… move in… out… move left… right… see myself and the world inside out… Images emerge. Often there are arrows pointing me to where next to go.


Mixed Media